Am a woman yesses you are right I love accessories and jewelry . for me anything made of gold will definitely do and don’t get it twisted I mean real pure gold not the fake stuff from the local market. For the sake of people that are so in love with it and are so … Continue Reading

Beautiful & Gorgeous lace wig for you!

The most Beautiful & Gorgeous lace front wig:  from Hairvivi The curl pattern is curly the luster is very realistic ,you may feel very soft when you run your fingers through your hair,it feels so real and also looks very natural.   “I’m super impressed that this unit did not shade. I do never see any penguins … Continue Reading

How To: Wash Your Hair Correctly !

Since human are always search all kinds of methods to maintenance their hair so. they often ignore an important step, it’s how to wash your hair correctly. Many people shampoo their wig every day when they shower, but in reality, they don’t know that shampoo it every day can cause more harm than good. Because if you shampoo your hair frequency,the … Continue Reading

Ombre&Long Wavy Hair–The Best Choice For You

Ombre long wavy wig is the right choice for all of the women. There’s something about ombre  long wavy  hair that makes the woman wearing it appear more youthful. It’s got the right amount of texture and volume to impart a feminine personality, and it’s the perfect balance between straight and curly. At some point, we’ve all … Continue Reading


For many years the women of color have under gone a tormenting age until recently when they have decided to rise and shine for what they believe in. Their caramel color, their beautiful coconut smell, their curly hair and large buttocks with curvy hips and extremely white teeth, I would go on and on . … Continue Reading

How to achieve a perfect hairline and parting

How a perfect natural hairline is supposed to look like? How to achieve a perfect parting without doing anything? Come and check how our diva Michelle do with it. ” It’s such a pretty wig…As you can see on the other side and the parting, it is exactly what it came like…It’s just too perfect” “You … Continue Reading


You’re probably reading the title of this post with some mild apprehension. “Ugh, not another post about pink-brown, ‘your lips but better,’ or Kylie Jenner-inspired lipsticks.” Well it’s going to be a little different this time around.  After this post you will be able to easily decided which lipstick to rock on certain days and for specific … Continue Reading

Contour Coloring-2017 Biggest Trends

Refresh with one of 2017 biggest trends that highlights certain hair strands to lighten facial features. Contour coloring which is also called conturage contours the hair in a similar way to makeup techniques with picking out light and dark shadowing round the face. It’s a multi-flattering trend that gives much more explanation to bone structure, … Continue Reading

Must-have Super Straight Hairstyle 2017

Somehow 2017 hair trends are all about giving curls a go, super straight hairstyle is also the must-have. Kim Kardashian’s super sleek bob look has gained a great popularity since last year, even it turned out it actually is a wig. Straight hair is easy to care and maintain. We can attribute the look all to … Continue Reading