Now, 6 colors of wigs to match your fall. 1. Honey blonde hair “Nikita” Honey Blonde Wig Luxy Hair  [Nikita] Honey blonde is a mixture of golden and amber, and the hair is a perfect combination of light yellow highlights and golden brown low light, blending together to form a honey color. Thereby creating a … Continue Reading

Hairvivi shipping time

Hairvivi has been working on our shipping time since July 2017, it takes 1-2 weeks for Hairvivi orders to ship now, and the shipping is expedited shipping within 2-3 business days for the US and 3-5 days for other countries.      Why the shipping time was long before? With the sudden increase in orders … Continue Reading

What is Pre-plucked Hairline on Lace Wigs? What is the best pre plucking?

The pre-plucked hairline has become an indispensable feature for a lace wig. But what exactly is pre-plucked hairline and what is the best pre-plucked hairline? It is actually a fact of the way of how we hand tie the hair to the lace. As we all know, no matter lace front wigs or full lace … Continue Reading

The Best BEGINNER FRIENDLY LACE WIG! ! Must Have Hairstyle

Hey, what’s up beautiful people? I am back with The Best BEGINNER FRIENDLY LACE WIG from Hairvivi. Hairvivi first ISSA WIG video review by Tierra blowed up, a lot of people really got heard on hairvivi from that video. Tierra brought “straight out of the box” wig which came pre-plucked and bleached knots. I 100% … Continue Reading

ISSA WIG??? Incredible Natural Edges Bob

Girls, I am coming to recommend you a bomb wig for this summer!!! It is a lace front wig, a black incredible edges bob!!! BOB IS BOMB!!! Before I say something, Just watch the video! This is really a bomb video!!! It is incredible that it gets more than 10,0000 views within one day, but … Continue Reading

Highlight weaves / perfect wig for summer!

ALERT!!! The most beautiful and affordable wig is coming!!! In the previous blogs I ever recommend light color wigs to you and today, it’s another good choice for you, a highlight weave! You can see from the video how beautiful its color is, and I have to stress that it will come to you in … Continue Reading

BEST LACE FRONT WIG EVER !!! Serayah Highlight Waves

Today, I am gonna recommend you guys a beautiful highlight wave. The color is beautiful, definitely fits for the hot summer! This is a unit you would never want to color it! Because the color is so freaking beautiful and the highlight is amazing. It is a lace front wig, 4.5 inches deep parting and … Continue Reading

Summer Affordable Natural Looking Wig!

Do you know how to make your wig look like not so thick and so hot? A secret to tell you!!! You need to get a light color wig. Because most of us are black hair, black will take in heat under sunlight and make you feel hotter. And if you are scared of wearing … Continue Reading

Summer hairstyles for wigs!

Hot summer is coming! It is pretty annoying that we want to wear wigs to keep beauty at any time but the weather is so hot! The thick and long hair make the temperature higher! Alert!!! Here are some summer hairstyles for you become more charming in this hot summer and don’t have to stand … Continue Reading

How to wash wig? It’s so easy!

Many people are bothered in how to wash a wig and keep the good condition of the wig, because some wigs are really trash when washing! Also, some people damaged their wigs in the process of washing because of the wrong action. Now there are some tiny tips for you to wash a wig and … Continue Reading