For beginners, melting down the lace wig to make it look like your own natural hair is always difficult, so at this moment, choosing to wear a beginner friendly wig will be very close to success. Hairvivi fake scalp wig will be a great recommendation for you. In most of wig install tutorial, people always need to do the bold scalp method, pluck the hairline, bleaching the knots and sewing an elastic band, which will waste too many time and energy and also are too difficult for the beginners. However, one Hairvivi fake scalp wig will easily save you from all those tough processes, so you can just follow the below simple steps:
First, apply some rubbing alcohol on the cotton pads to clean your forehead to ensure no makeup, oil, and dust or the lace is not going to stick on your head.

Second, put the wig on your head then cut the lace in a zigzag motion following your hairline. If you are not familiar at cutting the lace, you can divide it into several sections then cut it one by one.

Third, if there are extra lace part with hair around the ear part, also follow the hairline of the ear part to cut down the extra lace part, which will make the wig suit you more.

Forth, using some glue or gel close to your natural hairline then use the hairdryer in the cooling setting to make it get tacky, and press the lace on the glue to make the lace as flat as possible then use the hairdryer to dry the glue again.

Fifth, trim the lace to make sure the lace edges no lift-up. If there is no lift-up, then you can just skip to the next step.

The final step, using some bronzer or powder foundation which is close to your skin tone to blend the hairline part which will make the lace of the hairline part more invisible and cover the weird shine of the glue.

After processing all these tricks, the wig almost become your natural hair because the lace has melted down on your head and other people hardly realize it is a wig. The hair may get messed up during the process so you can style the hair like your own hair to the look as you like.

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