The lace front wig has ushered in a new way that will make your wig look more natural and realistic: Fake scalp method. Even then, it’s hard to tell whether this method is really working or just a dramatic change.

Does fake scalp method really work?
According to the YouTube hair guru, we must say this fake scalp method does work, particularly for people who are suffering from any sort of wig faker look: unnatural hairline, unmelted lace. In fact, it’s very important to make sure when you armed with this right method that can help you get a natural look. It also can see an improvement and better change in the look after you wearing the lace wig with a fake scalp method correctly.

However, as with most Wig companies, targeted this fake scalp method require visible results immediately, but you need to careful to clarify that not all lace wigs offered by wig companies now were created with fake scalp method, and the process of making this method by yourself at home for you lace wig should be taken a long time and you may face the chance of false.

How does the fake scalp method work?
“You will be able to part your wig anywhere and you won’t see any Grides or Lace showing. It can suit every skin tone.” as the Youtuber said, the most common and easiest way to do the fake scalp method among YouTubers is using the Knee high. It will work for any type of lace wig.
Apply your wig inside-out onto a mannequin head. First things first, you need to remove the combs inside the wig with a razor. It will make you feel snug and look natural. But be careful, don’t put a hole in your lace.
Bleaching the knots is important to let your fake scalp method properly work. Of course, you can buy a wig which is already bleached. Then you can save a lot of time. Also, plucked the hairline for your wig is really necessary to get a natural look. When you purchase the lace wig, make sure to buy one with the pre-plucked hairline and the pre-bleached knots.

The knee-high is the must. With multiple colors, you can get one to match your skin tone. Then put the knee-high inside the lace wig, sprang the Got2B glue all over the cap where the hairline stars and where the rest of the cap of the lace in the front. After that, you need to blow dryer the cap to make sure the wig is nice and secure.
Finally, cut away all the excess cap that don’t need. The knee-high will blends with the lace perfectly. The wig made with this fake scalp method will be secure and it’s not going anywhere. After finishing this method, just cut the lace and put the wig on.

If you want to do this fake scalp method, check out the YouTube video and Wig companies to get tips from them. Or if you’re a wig beginner or a lazy girl, just try to find and purchase a lace wig with the pre-made fake scalp method.

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