In this article, I will show you guys the natural hair care routine while I’m wearing the wig with no cornrows. So let’s go ahead and jump into it.

This wig

Before we begin with the natural hair, I want to go ahead and show you the wig I’ll be wearing from Hairvivi. Besides the hair, they sent these cute exotic lashes that I’m so excited to try. The combs, the clips, the wig cap, the card. I was so excited about the adjustable elastic band they made. The bleaching spaces you already know. Everything looks great, including the pre-plucked hairline. This lace front wig is looking great.

Wash the hair

Now my hair is dirty. hot mess. gunky and nasty. So I am definitely starting by washing my hair with these almond milk sulfate free shampoo, and I am also using the conditioner by carol’s daughter. I love this stuff. This has been my new favorite stuff like I think this is just on my staple list. It works so well on my hair.

Times of hair care

I like to do my natural hair care routine like every week. Sometimes to be 2 weeks and sometimes to be a month, but normally it’s definitely every week.

It’s really important to make sure your natural hair under the wig. So as you can see myself that squeaky clean other shampoo is a life. And I am going in with just a regular conditioner. I like to put that on my hair just to aid in length, detangle in my hair and it just gives my hair that lip. It makes it more manageable before I put in the ultra-nourishing deep conditioning mask now. I just apply that all over my hair. It smells good like I just really love this mask. It like sinks right into my strands the all this stuff is the truth.

I  will go in sections and I’ll twist my hair up into some big chunky twist while detangling my hair to make sure that products are getting all over then I just put on my plastic cap I’ll finish my shower and then I will sit under my dryer for about 30 minutes.

After dryer

I actually ended up keeping the conditioner on like all night and when I see my curls were popping it just felt like butter. I swear by this mess. It is everything from my hair and then I am going in with the black vanilla leave-in conditioner. I really like this spray it smells really good and really does a good job at detangling all of this hair. Then I’ll just go ahead and detangle with my demon brush and I use kind of my air probe super birds to blow-dry everybody always asks me about this girl Stanley is for about $40 so this spray helped me you’re like a nice lightweight, weightless shakable blow-dry and this is just the key to me to getting a really flat without the cornrows. So now if I go ahead and moisture up.

We like this nice blow-dry but you do want to add a lot of moisture to your hair. I am using this argan oil and I am putting a lot of hair. I didn’t really mean to put that much but the more the better, because you want your hair to really moisturize while it’s under the wig. I also make sure to brush my hair. This right here is Jamaican black castor oil. I will make sure to put that all over my scalp and this smells so good because it has peppermint in it. I got this from Sally’s as well and then I’ll just massage it in made my scalp feel nice and cool. I just really love this stuff. After I massage everything on my hair, I brush it. You want to make sure you go from your scalp to the ends because it’s taking all that oil and putting it on each strand of hair. I will go in sections and I brush my hair. I don’t know what ‘s up with these naturals, not one the comb and birthday hair. I look home and brush my hair.

So now to this no cornrow install, I’m just taking some more moisture Cantu shea butter. I put my hair into two sections and I’m putting that Cantu shea butter all over my hair. As I said, this routine is just packed with moisture so your hair can be nice and protected and it can grow while it’s under these wigs. I am just brushing my hair with the hard brush as you can see it’s getting sleek already no jail none of that. This is like a routine to keep your hair moisturized rather than like and gunky and edges all you know I am saying just nice and moisturized and natural and just bam girl who oiled and all that good stuff so then I have to make some really tight braids. It’s not necessary a french braid but it kind of is but it’s like a short break.

I make sure to make it really tight and gonna add more moisture to it. I am telling you how the moisture is key and then I’m just adding the rubber band to the ens and I make sure to put that hair going upward just like that so my ends are not like sticking out and they can you know to stay protected so that’s that and then I’ll do the same thing to the other side.

So then you want to take some clothes bobby pins and just grab one of those braids and kind of pull it like you’re pulling it into a ponytail and just pin it so you can lay nice and flat and do the same thing to the other side. Then you want to pull that braid and pull it to the other side and pin that up and do the same to the other side and there you go you got like a nice flat head of hair. And next, you want to make sure you’re using a fresh stocking cap, using things nice and tighten. I’m saying and it’ll help to let your hair down even further and then another important thing is this hair wig group. I love this wig grip because I am not going down my frontals doing all that stuff at this moment, so this is grip it’s good for like laying my hair flat and it’s also great for keeping that wig on.

Next we’re gonna jump into this Valentina wig and of course, I’m just starting by cutting off the lace.

And here I just want to show you all the hair and like straight out the box how it’s already pre-styled. It was a nice loose curl actually really pretty. Super cute, you could just put this right on your head and kind of just like fix up the front and we’re just like this but ii decide I wanted something like big but no stay here you know the real big sting that you’re Beyonce here, so I decided to go ahead and style it . I am using this argan oil just for a little bit of shine and I am going in with my curling wand and I am just gonna do some curls all over and then and I like to call them out brush them out for a really big buying this look.

All right so now it’s time to put on this wig. Make sure your band is nice and adjusted so everything can fit nice and snug. All wig is nice and tight and secure, you can’t really have to worry about gluing it down and all the extra stuff. So I just did a little bit of baby hair when my part was I really wasn’t worried about the whole hairline because I was just wearing it in this middle part and these are my reeds.

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