Hair products and technologies will help you maintain your hair, but there are still many hair problems, especially that you ignore.

Wash your hair every day
There is no doubt that washing your hair will make your hair cleaner, but washing hair every day is not a good idea. Using the water frequently to wash the hair will destroy the water and oil balance of the hair, taking away the oil necessary for the hair, so that the hair becomes dryer. The correct shampoos should vary from person to person.

Use the wrong shampoo
The choice of shampoo is also very important. You must look at the ingredients when you buy. If you are oily hair, you should choose a dry shampoo. If you are dry hair, oil-rich shampoo is a good fit. Do not use too much shampoo. Excessive shampoo will damage your scalp, the shampoo must rely on your hair volume.

Excessive use of conditioner
People like to use conditioner after shampooing, and the conditioner will make the hair smoother and softer, but please be careful not to use it near the scalp and hair roots. Please use it in the right amount at the end of your hair. The excessive conditioner will make your hair greasy.

Skip deep conditioning
Many people think that after shampooing, the hair becomes clean. But we also need to pay attention to our scalp and hair keratin. Regular intensive care is an important process in the hair management process. Can make your hair stronger and stronger.

Combing hair when wet
Never comb your hair with a comb when your hair is still wet, especially a very low-density comb. Wet hair is very fragile, combing hair can damage the hair, cause split ends, hair loss, and let the hairline move backward. You can comb your hair with a comb before washing your hair.

Excessive dependence on thermal tools
Straightening, curly hair really allows you to have the perfect hairstyle, on the other hand, it does hurt your hair to the greatest extent. It is natural to be the most beautiful without over-reliance on heating tools. Or you can choose to wear a lace wig that has been shaped so that you can have a beautiful look or not hurt your own hair.

Roughly dry with a towel
Wipe your hair gently with a towel instead of using a hard, messy dry. Wet hair is the most vulnerable, and you have to be patient to do this. This will give you the best condition after the hair is dry. You can also wipe your hair with a paper towel.

More than modeling and too much manipulation
Give your hair a little rest time. People need to rest and sleep, and the hair is the same. Don’t over-type your hair, give your hair a rest time, over-processing not only hurts the hair but also puts pressure on the scalp and even causes hair loss. Wigs to help you.

If you can avoid these practices, there is no reason why your hair will not respond positively to your efforts.

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