Today,I will share with you some of my favorite hair care products.

I cared for hair but these were mostly the premium brands like Philip B, Kerastase. These trusts have definitely been through their fair share products. So today, I am just gonna share with you my current favorites. Some of these I’ve been loving for years, and some are some more new discoveries.

So a lot of the products I choose are based on obviously my specific hair condition. I would describe my hair as coarse frizzy, it is got a natural wave to it, it is not straight. Color-treated damaged, dry breaks easily, falls out easily. Based my scalp behaves very differently from the skin on my face. It’s actually quite oily. It’s kind of been giving me some issues a lot of irritation, a lot of tenderness. I actually feel like I get zits on my scalp. Every once in a while I will feel it.

I am gonna start off with shampoo, which is a difficult category for me. There are many different shampoos that I appreciate for different reasons. But this is one category that I find it almost impossible to stay loyal to. I am constantly changing and trying new shampoos. Some of the ones that I love the most and I feel performed the best, so I try and break it up every once in a while, so I am not consistently purchasing those that would include or I basically shampoo sulfate free and also shoe amorous part of the hair.

This is completely on the other end of the spectrum. It is actually a drugstore find and it’s the LOreal ever pure. This is their sulfate-free color care system within the ever pure line, they have got a whole bunch of different shampoos and conditioners that address different needs.

You know, if you have very thin and fine hair if you have like the care of your damaged hair. So I was recommended this. I was told that the formulation in the ever pure line was the same as the pure ology hydrate line. If you are not familiar with pure ology, they are a premium a fantastic hair care line. So if you are a fan of hydrate line, you might want to try these. These are under $10. this is basically one of those rare products where you are actually getting more than what you are paying for. So I have been using the moisture shampoo and conditioner which I really like it is got rosemary and peppermint in it which I feel is really nice on the scalp. It makes everything feels so fresh and clean. These are sulfate free but they still have cleansing agents that are less harsh that will cleanse your scalp because I have tried those sort of conditioning shampoos and honestly they are just not created for me. I feel like they created so much more build-up and irritation on my scalp. In fact, these have the same gentler cleansing agents as the or bagel the last line which I love but of course, that one has just a whole plethora of like beautiful luxurious plant extracts and what not.

Once a week I use this scalp treatment from Christophe Robin is cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt. This is a transformative scalp treatment it does everything it is for oily scalps, dry scalps, sensitive scalps, dehydrated ones. Silk crystal robin is the innovator of the salt scalp scrub. There are a lot more that have come into the market and hair care, but I have to say, out of the other ones that I have tried, this is still the best one what makes this distinctive is its texture. The salt particles are small enough that it can actually really get into your scalp and you can massage it around the crown of your head whereas there are a lot of other salt scrubs that I’ve tried where the particles are maybe too big or just consistency doesn’t allow the salt to even reach your scalp. It kind of gets you to know, take it away by all the hair. So the way you use this as well. I don’t know about you but I always have to double cleanse my hair, the first cleanse is kind of like a throwaway one because it doesn’t really go anywhere, it is almost like prepping for the second cleanse. Well, this is for like that second cleanse it foams up just like a shampoo. It cleans your scalp just like a shampoo, you really do not need to sue a lot of suspects a little bit goes such a long way. This is the only product in his entire line that actually contains sulfates in it. So it is in there for a reason I don’t know why but I do know that does not cause any irritation on my scalp. In fact, from the minute you use it on your hair and you rinse it out. You can already feel the difference. I really get a sense that once a week, I am detoxing my scalp from any kind of chemical residue after using this my scalp feels fresher for longer. It doesn’t get oily as quickly I mean I can even go longer without washing my hair again. There is definitely a balancing effect. That’s happening and all his products smell heavenly to me. It’s gotta be the French thing.

I’ve been a little obsessed with scalp serums, they make such a big difference in the condition of my scalp. A lot less irritated, a lot less oily, no more dandruff. Because the build-up is less, the follicle area is clear, my hair grows faster, someone that I’ve been enjoying a lot and I discovered it this summer. I am ready on my second bottle. It is from BRIOGEO scalp revival charcoal and tea tree scalp treatment. This is 98% naturally derived vegan and cruelty-free. It helps to restore a healthy PH in your scalp.

It also has bible two-minute which as we know hair loss can be a symptom of a biotin deficiency. I don’t know how much it helps when you’re applying it topically versus ingesting it, but you know, it cannot hurt. But what is really nice about this is it does have tea tree and spearmint in it, so it is really cooling and refreshing on the skull. It just feels very unsuited actually, so what is really great and thoughtful about this product is the application because the problem that I have with most hair serums is either. It is so watery and runny that it that when you apply it, it just kind of goes straight down into your face or runs down your neck or it’s thick and goopy and it like coats your hair as well. And it just kind of ways your hair down as well, this is amazing and that it is viscous enough so that when you are applying it when you are using the dropper to drop it on certain areas on your head. It just stays as a glob right there nestled in the hair. It does not drip or slide until you massage into your head and then it just becomes the thin liquid that just absorbs into your scalp you can use on damp hair after you wash it. You can also use it on dry hair every day as I do. It just disappears. It doesn’t stay on your hair, it doesn’t coat your hair, it is pretty awesome.

The other hair serum that I have been really loving and enjoying is one from REVERIE. It is the cake restorative scalp tonic so this is like super luxurious. It is like the vintner’s daughter of scalp serums. It contains just really gorgeous luxurious plant extracts and sits in a face of rosewater. This also helps balance out the acidity at the scalp the PH to keep bacteria away. This is also watery and thin. It is not oily, it is a tonic that just absorbs straight into your scalp. It doesn’t sit on your hair, it doesn’t create build up. I was given this really game-changing tip from a hair specialist and they basically said that we need to be moisturizing our hair every day. The same way that we moisturize our skin every day. That really made a difference in the quality of my hair and I use oil for this. My favorite one for years is this one from AVEDA. They are dry remedy daily moisturizing oil. This is that just perfect lightweight oil blend that just kind of sinks and absorbs and penetrates into your hair and disappears but nourishes it. It doesn’t weigh the hair down at all. It is just so lightweight and it just like I said it just absorbs. This is 99.9% naturally derived it also has this gorgeous scent. It is got ginger lily in it bergamot some lavender. It is beautiful, this uses oil which from Brazil’s tree of life. This also has sunflower seed oil and olive oil and it just brings your hair back to life. It just leaves your hair feeling really soft. Apparently, it moisturizes your hair by 40% after each use. The way I use oil is I put a few drops in my hand and I focus mainly on the mid to the ends of my hair, I just kind of smooth down the flyways on the crown. I do some damn hair, I do it on dry hair, it is all good.

Now, this is a relatively new discovery I have been using it for like a couple of months now. It is from a brand called M.British. This is a luxury Korean hair oil product. So this is not inexpensive but the thing to note is you’re getting almost 5 ounces of product which is at least 4 times more than you get in similar oil type hair products. It I got the nourishing and organic oils that absorb into your hair.

So what is really interesting is in my experience, I have never actually heard of being bad for your hair or damaging it or dying it out in any way. In fact, if you like particularly in products like this it doesn’t just sort of smooth out the texture but it keeps in the moisture that the oils provide. Nut it is not like Vaseline, it doesn’t keep more moisture from entering into your hair either. When I am walking out in a seriously humid day, there is no amount of products that will prevent m hair from getting frizzy. Of course, everyone has their own individual experience and I do not want to be dismissive of that.

Try shampoo, one of my favorite categories. The one I am going to talk about is from a new brand discovery called pie shell. Their texture dust this product is seriously so right up my alley. First of all, it is so very effective and I have gotta tell you I absolutely love and appreciate the packaging on this. Most dry powder sprays either come in the aerosol can which is fine or they come in like this squeezy thing which is just a big mess. It is like putting baby powder in your hair. This an air pump that just shoots the powder out in a measured and even way wherever you want it to you section off your hair and then you spray and then massage. This is a beautiful texture.

I hope you find this helpful.

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