Today, I am gonna be showing you how I prepare my natural hair for wig wearing. I will show you outer products I used to protect my hair while I am wearing wigs.

Let me show you what I use real quick to my hair nice, moisturized,  healthy and protect it while I will be wearing wigs.


The first one you need a good moisturizer or leave-in conditioner, so I use the Garnier Fructis sleek and shine it has Argan oil in Morocco oil in it. This works great for my hair, it keeps it nice and moisturized. To keep that moisture in your hair, you need to top it off with an oil, so the oil you can use is avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and what I am going to be using today is black Jamaican castor oil. This oil you will have to dilute with another thinner oil because Jamaican black castor oil is really really thick. This is all I did when I braid my hair up for my wigs because it keeps the moisture locked in for days. All of those oils can be found on Amazon.


After I washed my hair and I do not even need a comb. My hair is already too tangled and I detangle it in the shower. So I just throw some braids in my hair. I always throw some big braids to the back. They don’t have to be neat because it is gonna be under the wig, depending on if your hair is thick or not. You might have to do smaller braids but my hair is thin so I can get away with doing bigger braids. I just gonna spay a little bit of water on this section here because it is starting to dry. You do want you here damp a little bit. I am going to try to leave in and some people do not like to use leave-in orchid moisturizers or anything like that, they just like to use oil and water and that’s perfectly fine, but me, I need that extra leave-in or moisturizer. So I will just put the moisturizer all through my hair and I am gonna take a little bit of my black Jamaican professor oil. Really focusing on the ends of my hair. The ends are the oldest part of your hair, so it needs the most care. So taking my Denman brush, I am just gonna comb all.


I will just begin braiding, but if you do not know how to braid, you can actually put your hair back in a ponytail. I know I had done that a lot when I am wearing wigs, but I do not feel like braids in my hair. like I said it all depends on how thick your hair is, so I can get away with just brushing my hair back in a ponytail and having a low bun under my wigs. But whatever style you do, you do need to make sure that your hair is well moisturized under those wigs.

All right, so I am all done, I feel nice and moisturized. Everybody’s hair is different, everybody has different textures, different grades of hair. This method keeps my hair moisturized for about three days. When they do start feeling dry all I do is take me some oil water put some leave-in conditioner into the oily water, shake it up, spray it all over my hair and then just take the oil of your choice and do like this. And then I always take some extra oil and then focus just on my ends. I do like to take the castor oil and I just go down these little raggedy parts. Then just massage it into my scalp.

Put the wig on.

Let’s start out by combing hair out. When I come by my curly wigs, I don’t use a small tooth, I try to use a wild tooth comb or a Denman brush and we use this clown here, using these ends and I am just comb of these curls.

I do have a few flyaways up in front so I am gonna just take some holding spray and just brush it down. I would spray a little bit of this oil and water on the hair, just a moisturizer.

You do have to keep this hair nice and moisturized like your own hair.

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