I finally found a wig company that is for beginner wig wearers or for lazy wig wearers like me. That is Hairvivi.

At first, I was worried about shipping time. Fortunately, I received it within 20 days. The shipping time is not very long and it is within the range I can accept, so I am very satisfied.

I received a beautiful box with my wig, two small clips, a comb, and a wig cap. This is my first curly and textured unit, I am so excited. I ordered  “Debby”, a wet and wavy bob with human hair, which is gonna come exactly how it looks like on the website. The wig smells good, maybe they sprayed some type of perfume on it.

The inside construction of “Debby” is lace-front, which has 5.5 inches ear to ear lace parting. It does have two combs on the side and one in the middle. Another longer comb at the bottom. Also, there is an adjustable elastic band in the back with a cute “Hairvivi” logo on it, and this one is very good for putting the unit up.

I love this wig because she is beginner friendly. I literally just put it on and the pre-set baby hair made the hairline looks natural and awesome, the next amazing thing is that they did a really good job to pre-pluck the hairline and bleach the knots, so the knots are bleached perfectly on this unit.

My edges look like it grew out of my scalp when I looked at it in the mirror, I do not even see it, it is just like melting into my skin and only with an elastic band, no tape, no glue. This is the perfect way for a beginner and for those who really don’t want to do a lot of work, it is just ready to go out of the package.

The part space has been increased here, 5.5 inches lace part made a natural look and give me more range to do more styling. it is a really good feature with the length which would be able to put it up in a ponytail although this is a bob. Length 16 is great to be able to play around within.

my wig size is in medium and compared to many of my other units, this one does not feel too big or too tight, it feels comfortable, I love how snug it fits with the elastic band and that really helped to flatten the lace so did not have to use the glue.

As a customer, I sincerely recommend the wig from Hairvivi, it allows me to receive a satisfactory wig at the right time, and does not need to do anything else, Hairvivi has done everything for me, like pre-set baby hair, pre-plucked hairline,and bleached knots. It is amazing.

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