The glue on the lace wig creates many problems and damage to the scalp, though it can make the wig secure.

Glue harms your scalp. The scalp is very fragile, and constantly tearing the wig with glue will make the scalp more sensitive and even cause hair loss and allergies. Hairline will also be affected and moved back.

More importantly, when cleaning the lace wig with glue, the hair on the lace is more likely to fall off, making the front wig look thin, not only the appearance affected, but also shortening the service life of the wig.

So how to change this phenomenon and make the wig use longer, and the harm to people is even smaller?

Now! Glueless lace wig from Hairvivi can help you! Let me tell you the difference between Hairvivis’ glueless lace wigs and others’  in the market.

  • First of all, the Hairvivi provides the pre-sewed elastic band, so you don’t need to sew it yourself, and the position of the elastic band has been strictly checked and controlled to ensure that the wig is more secure and fixed in the proper position and will not move back and forth. In addition, the setting of the comb also makes the wig look more smooth on the head, and it is not easy to fall off.
  • Secondly, Hairvivi sets the ear tab in the wig above the ear. You can set the bends of the ear tab according to your head shape. This will make the wig more suitable for your head shape, even if you don’t use glue, it can be fixed on your head.
  • The glueless lace wig from Hairvivi prepared baby hair for you in advance, so you don’t need to cut the baby hair by yourself. In addition, the pre-set baby hair can make the lace in front of your wig more fit. The lace is not easy to be seen, so it can make your hair more real and natural.

No glue protect your scalp from harm, which allows you to wear a wig while also having a healthy scalp. On the other hand, the glueless wig will save you the time to wear a wig, making this process more convenient and simple. It is very suitable for beginners and lazy girls. There is no complexity in using glue at all, so you can avoid worries and enjoy beautiful and different hairstyles.

What’s more, the glueless lace wig from Hairvivi provides you the pre-plucked hairline, pre-set baby hair and pre-bleached knots. You just need to take the wig out of the box, cut off the excess lace, and then wear it directly on your head. A perfect hairstyle is done.

What are you waiting for? Throw away your glue and choose a glueless lace wig from Hairvivi that will help you have a glamorous hairstyle on a healthy basis.

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