Now, 6 colors of wigs to match your fall.

1. Honey blonde hair

“Nikita” Honey Blonde Wig Luxy Hair  [Nikita]

Honey blonde is a mixture of golden and amber, and the hair is a perfect combination of light yellow highlights and golden brown low light, blending together to form a honey color. Thereby creating a sweet, shiny hair color.

Honey tones are the perfect balance of light brown and vibrant blondes. The color is not too intense or rough, and it looks glamorous on a range of skin tones. Also, who doesn’t want the same hair color as Beyoncé?


2. Platinum blonde

Kim Inspired Platinum Blonde Lace Front Wig Luxury Hair [Kim02]

If you want a shiny and attractive new hairstyle to become a cool girl, then the platinum blonde wig color is your best choice. The platinum blonde color is on the icy end, icy blonde and smoked tones.

The sleek platinum-tone silver and white gold with black turtleneck sweaters contrasts and impresses. If you want to keep your platinum hair bright and shiny, be sure to invest in a quality silver shampoo.

Many of these platinum blondes have deep roots, often called shadow roots. Roots are no longer considered a bad point for hair color; in fact, the dark “shadow” roots that fade to the platinum blonde are very popular.

3.Nature black

Ciara Celebrity Full Lace Wig Natural Wave [HVVW-002]

Natural black is the most natural and true color. It is very similar to human hair. Now more and more celebrities are returning to this most basic hair color, like Shay Mitchell, Rihanna and Diane Guerrero. They all have Soft black hair. This natural hair color is not as super black as ink, it is more suitable for every skin tone.


4.Chocolate Ombre

“King Cardi” Ombre Lace Front Wig Textured Bob [King Cardi]

The cute dark chocolate ombre Tones is not as serious as pure black. The chocolate ombre hair looks more elegant and noble. Chocolate hair will make your appearance brighter and more attractive to the man.

Priyanka Chopra, Selma Hayek and Sasha Lane dilute the original dark hair into a warm chocolate black hair that is more suitable for the fall.



“PEARL” Pink Colored Wig Luxury Ponytail Hair [Pearl]

Don’t be nervous about completely pink hair, it may be inspirational.

Dark roots and pink hair make you a lively cool girl. If you can match the pink lipstick, it will become more harmonious.

In addition, with pink, you can bring a sweet femininity, recently seen in Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Nicki Minaj.


“CEREZA” Burgundy Lace Front Wig 200% Density [CEREZA]

The red color of this season is too dazzling, but burgundy, this color will look more stable and mature. Keep away from the ordinary colors and be a unique girl. You can use a high ponytail to tie the tweezers in burgundy, with dark eyebrows to offset the bright burgundy.


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