Are you tired of a long bob and don’t have enough money to get a new one?

It’s hotter and hotter recently, you can’t stand a thick very long hair any more?

More and more people start to wear short bob and you really admired their charming appearance?

Don’t worry! just refresh it. Let me teach you how to cut it. 

Things you should prepare:

  1. a mirror   2. a scissor    3. a brush   4. watering can   5. flat iron

Then let’s go!

  1. wear the old bob you want to refresh, brush it to make sure it is good for cutting
  2. make sure the length you want, usually the hair end at your chin
  3. cut the hair you don’t want in the left of your cheek and try to make it shorter in front than in back
  4. do the same thing as the last step for the in the right of your cheek
  5. remove the hair and put it on a model
  6. sprinkle water on your wig and brush it to make it ready for cutting
  7. cut your hair little by little and try to make them look like in the same level{ of course, if you like an asymmetric bob, you can do that }
  8. use your flat iron to make your bob more flat, or give it some curls{if you wanna a curl bob, you should leave it longer when you cut it}
  9. the last step: just wear it and go out show your beautiful new bob!!!

Hoping the things i write can help you guys to be bold enough to have a try! Summer is coming and bob is goona rocking! Just do it!

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