I love it, I love the cut, I love the color, It’s just everything! This just eeeverything!

It’s tight secure! I’m just in love with the elastic band inside, gives it more security, You can do a lot in the front, do a hillow braid, I can change the part, from the side part as well as I can,The parting space goes deep.No shedding, not at all! No shedding, what so ever!

If you don’t have a tape glue or do anything hold this unit down, you should get it to be glued,and sleek them baby hairs down, and sleek the lace down on the brown front if you need a little more security just like that down, and I just love it!  I am gonna do something about the parting, a little whiter, because that of the bleach.  Let me know that you guys think, Is this awesooome?

Check out Hairvivi.com, the links are below.


link of this wig: http://bit.ly/2sLBBAW

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