How to Melt Down the Lace Wig Easily for Beginners

For beginners, melting down the lace wig to make it look like your own natural hair is always difficult, so at this moment, choosing to wear a beginner friendly wig will be very close to success. Hairvivi fake scalp wig will be a great recommendation for you. In most of wig install tutorial, people always … Continue Reading

The truth about the fake scalp method. Does it really work?

The lace front wig has ushered in a new way that will make your wig look more natural and realistic: Fake scalp method. Even then, it’s hard to tell whether this method is really working or just a dramatic change. Does fake scalp method really work? According to the YouTube hair guru, we must say … Continue Reading

REVIVE OLD CURLY WEAVE |How to revive a curly wig| Restoring Your Wigs To New|Every detail&different methods

How to get your curly wigs your curly extensions or curly bundles from these dry frizzy curls to these nice, bouncy juicy and beautiful curls. So if you interested in this and really easy by the way, then definitely keep on reading. Method 1. products: silicon mix shampoo White tooth comb and a brush as … Continue Reading

Hair Trends to Try in the Year 2019

Maybe you didn’t have bangs or long wavy hair in 2018. It’s fine. So, at the beginner of the year of 2019, you have more chance to change your hairstyle to embrace your new year. Bob wig with bangs Spring is coming soon, why not have a cute look? The shoulder-length bob hair with the … Continue Reading

Natural Hair Care Routine Under the Wig

In this article, I will show you guys the natural hair care routine while I’m wearing the wig with no cornrows. So let’s go ahead and jump into it. This wig Before we begin with the natural hair, I want to go ahead and show you the wig I’ll be wearing from Hairvivi. Besides the … Continue Reading

What Is Stress Hair Loss and How to Treat It

Most the people suffer the hair loss problems, especially the stress hair loss. Some women loss 100 to 150 strands of hair per day, others more. The stress hair loss is a huge problem for people. There is some advice that you can follow to reduce the hair loss stress and have healthy hair. Type … Continue Reading

Party Hairstyles For You in this winter

Christmas is coming! Have you got your new hair for the special day? Before you choose the hair color and texture, make sure the wig you got had been pre-plucked and pre-bleached. It will save you a lot of time while wearing it. “Autumn” Burgundy Wig Wavy Human Hair Whether the family party or hang … Continue Reading

Things you need to know about Hair Wig

Human hair wigs are always popular among women. The wig not only can avoid the awkward of alopecia and hair loss, but it becomes the essential items for the trend. Even the celebrity cannot leave the wig. A good wig helps you get the flawless look, then you can improve your confidence and be a … Continue Reading

8 Hair Mistakes You are Making

Hair products and technologies will help you maintain your hair, but there are still many hair problems, especially that you ignore. Wash your hair every day There is no doubt that washing your hair will make your hair cleaner, but washing hair every day is not a good idea. Using the water frequently to wash … Continue Reading

Lace Front Wig and Hair Loss Problems

Most people experience hair loss problems because of the high stress during working and life. Human hair also falls out when you reach the age. What should we do to save the poor hair? Hair products are essential. But curing the hair is a long-term process. During this time, the lace wig helps you regain … Continue Reading